Friday, October 15, 2010

You know you work at a Call Centre when...


Call center 1

1. When ‘First Shift’ means going to work at 5.30 in the evening.

2. When you find that you’re more familiar with the 50 states of the U.S. than our 28 states. (Or is it 29 states)

3. When you say that you had a ‘good night sleep’ and you actually mean that you slept from 6.00AM to 4.00PM.

4.  When you say your name and your company’s name at the beginning of every call and still get asked ‘Who’s this and what company are you calling from?’

5. When you compare your company’s hold music with that of other companies’.

6. Everytime your phone rings, you have an inexplicable desire to put  on headphones.

7. When your Manager calls for a meeting everytime he feels lonely.

8.  When you’ve mastered the art of twiddling your pen, using the keyboard, waving at your friends and of course, talking with the customer at the same time.

9. When your Manager calls the above activities ‘Multai-tasking’ when he really means Multi-tasking.

10. When you pronounce ‘Zed’ as ‘Zee’

11. When you discuss the climate of Florida and that of Arizona as if it’s really in your backyard

12. When you regularly get called by something other than your name.

13. When you're more comfortable with a Coffee vending machine than a real coffee boy.

14. When every other person you meet tells you conspiratorially that he just wants to get out of this industry and that he ‘just isn’t interested in making a career in this industry.’

16. When you know that B stands for Bravo and not Bombay and though you know what L stands for, you don’t even have a clue as to what ‘Lima’ actually is!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Needh kaa Nirmaan Phir Phir...


           The clouds gather ominously. The gentle breeze starts blowing with the force of a gale. Lightning strikes. It hasn’t begun raining yet, but you can smell the rain. Trees are ravaged, bent over double by the gust and the only sound you can hear is that of leaves swishing violently and that of tin boards of shops falling over. The sky darkens even more as the sun sets and it is accompanied by loud thunder. All you can see is clouds of dust rising up towards the sky and it is difficult to keep your eyes open. You look up towards the sky and you see that one sparrow which is being bullied mercilessly by the wind. It looks so vulnerable, a small sparrow braving the mighty wind. For every thrust ahead, it is pushed twice backward. And sideways. Still, it fights doggedly and survives another storm.

And then sheets of water start pouring.

And people scamper for safety.

It reminds me of a Hindi poem that I learnt in school and I love quoting it. It is written by Harivanshrai Bachchan and it’s based on perseverance & re-generation. I couldn’t recall the whole poem and therefore googled it. I shall soon post a translation as well.



Yah Uthi Aandhi Kii Nabh Main
Chaa Gaya Sahsa Andhera
Dhooli Dhoosar Badalon Ne
Bhoomi Ko Iss Bhaanti Ghera
Raat Saa Din Ho Gaya
Phir Raat Aayi Aur Kaali
Lag Raha Tha Ab Naa Hoga
Iss Nisha Ka Phir Savera
Raat Ke Utpaat Bhay Se
Bheet Jan-Jan Bheet Kan-Kan
Kintu Prachi Se Usha Ki
Mohini Muskaan Phir Phir,
Needh ka nirman phir phir
Neh ka avhaan phir phir!

Kruddha Nabh ke Vajradanton Main
Usha hai muskaraati,
Ghor garjanmay gagan ke
Kanth main Khag pankti gaati
Ek chidiya chonch main
Tinka liye jo jaa rahi hai
Vah sahaj mein hi pavan unchaas ko
Neecha dikha rahi hai.
Nash ke dukh se kabhi
Dabta nahin nirmaan ka sukh
Pralay ki nistabdhata mein
Srushti ka navgaan phir phir.
Needh ka nirmaan phir phir
Neh ka aavhaan phir phir