Sunday, May 18, 2008

Saala main toh sahab ban gaya.........

Amol threw a bash on Saturday for having become the new tech lead in Sharepoint. What a perfect way to celebrate the weekend. The entire gang waited till the end of the last shift and we left for Mulund. What a choice for a movie!! Forbidden Kingdom..I would've surely loved it had I been a 15 year old. However, I kept this opinion to myself as this movie was my recommendation. We left for Poptates. Gosh!! Beer flowed and so did nonsense!! Nasim, Bhary, Punit , Me and the New TL took nonsensical discussions to a new level!!! Trust Us to do that!!

We had spent a fine amount of time looking for a gift that Amol would find thoughtful. After arguing endlessly, we decided upon an Alarm Clock.(Very thoughtful Indeed!!). We also had a cake to celebrate the occasion. Finally the cake arrived and what fun we had when Amol found all of it on his face and in his ears!! And imagine my surprise when Jiggy joined us at the end. The only who was missing suddenly popped out of no where!!We hit another bar and by that time Punit was so tired that he was snoring loudly even before the second round of drinks. And I was on a "Standby Mode".
The best thing that I liked about the evening was that the entire gang was so happy for one among us and I guess that is what makes a team....a great team at that..

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