Sunday, July 13, 2008

Vamos Rafa!!

I know I should have come up with this one a bit earlier. After two years of cheering for the runner up, I got a chance to jeer at the runner up.

The Wimbledon Final coincided with the RnR party (Rewards and Recognition) of my Office. Needless to say, I was the most unwilling entrant at the party. Worse, the final coincided with the Asia cup final between India and Sri Lanka (Which we lost eventually)
I managed to catch up with the first two sets and most of the third at a sports café before leaving for the Office Party where I managed to be boring enough to sit glued to the Match. And the Final EPIC set at home. (Thanks to the rain interruptions)
FedEx netted a backhand, and this was the moment!! I found myself jumping and relieved that it was over.
When asked for his opinion, Federer sportingly said, "Well, I tried everything. He's the worst opponent on the best court."

The match was the longest Wimbledon Final ever played and would be remembered for a long, long time. It caused a massive surge in electricity demand and it showed a 1,400 MW spike when the Spaniard lifted the trophy.
A National Grid spokesman said that the surge was so huge because a huge number of people , so transfixed by the tennis, forgot to switch off the lights till the match ended.

Me too.

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