Saturday, November 8, 2008

My principles .. and some bottled water!

                          I was on my way to Ghodbunder Road earlier this week. The afternoon sun was merciless and I was riding pillion with my friend. I asked him to stop over for some refreshments. We stopped at a very well known sweet shop. I was sorely tempted and settled down with a couple of samosas and was eyeing the Rasmalai. My throat was feeling parched though I had already drained a bottle of coke. I looked around for some water. I couldn’t find any. I knew that it was a reputed shop and all the people buy bottled water.

“Why don’t you go for bottled water?” My friend suggested.

I don’t know if he knew that I don’t buy bottled water out of principle. Maybe,it’s my misplaced sense of self-righteousness. But the point is, that I don’t buy bottled water.

        Some days back, I saw a presentation on Bisleri by my batch mates. It was a very well researched presentation and they were enthusiastically showing the rise in demand for bottled water in India and the monopoly that Bisleri had in this field. The group’s efforts was very visible and it sounded heartening for a moment that it was not only the Metros that reveled in the luxury of bottled water, but the Sub Metros, Small towns were also catching up.

                     They predicted that, with India ‘Shining’ , the demand for bottled water is sure to increase. The rude fact, however is that a large number of our population find water unsafe to drink. I personally saw it as a failure on our part that we have to resort to drinking bottled water even in restaurants.

“So, shall I ask for a litre of Bisleri then?” My friend asked again.

I shook my head and looked around. It was a sweet shop I was in and hence the only source of water was from a tap outside and it seemed potable. I gestured for the Rasmalai and got up to drink the water.I looked around. Everybody was drinking various brands of water. I was kind of feeling noble for not falling into the trap of bottled water.

          When I reached the tap, I found that the water was refrigerated. Also, I found some dirty kids drinking from the tap. A dirtier man was standing in queue.

I turned around and asked for a litre of Bisleri.

12 Grumblings:

Sikander Fayyaz Khan said...

Well, principal is one thing.. but when I see a glass of water filled by tap water in Lahore... I just can't help but to buy bottled water.

But than I drink 'Nestle Pure Life' (Nestle is in Pakistan what Bisleri is in India) since I have enough money to buy it.. what about the people who cannot? But our governments would rather make more and more nukes than provide clean drinking water to it's population.

kunwar said...

but why did you buy bottled water only becayse some poor kids were drinking from the tap?

were they plugging the tap into their mouth?

Anand said... gave up on your principles..

I have not had Pepsi in a long long time, because I decided not to drink it since the day they removed Sachin from their endorsements!!

ketki said...

principles put to the test..

ayyo.... said...

Exactly, exactly that is what I wanted to convey!!

ayyo.... said...

Yeah, I did.

Yeah I gave up on my principles.. but why make fun of me!! :x :O

ayyo.... said...

Yeah, a test indeed! And I didn't pass out with flying colors.. :P

suraj said...

well, government should reduce the prices of bottled water eh... :)

meerasworld said...

i dont like bottled water normally,cos i think it tastes different.i am afriad to drink tap water if its not boiled.i hate sodas,the fuzzy frizzy thingy,i hate it.besides they say even in US,the spring water is not always spring water,but tap water!so i dont trust the bottled water too:).
in such a situation,i would ask for tea or coffee;)and have a jilebi..

ayyo.... said...

I DON'T drink bottled water and as I said, it was perhaps a misplaced sense of self righteousness..!
And the fact that I turned away because of some poor kids will not let me forget the event..! :(

ketki said...

Ghodbandar road, was it? :D

ayyo.... said...

To impress you, it was!! :P :D