Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sach00!! Sach00!!

This is a post I had written on the day Sachin scored ‘The’ Double..! For reasons even I don’t know, I did not post it. So reader, please imagine you’re reading this the day after Sachin broke the record.. it’ll might make more sense then..!!



And so finally somebody broke Saeed Anwar’s 13 year old record!! And it had to be Him!

Just a couple of days ago I spoke about how Sachin makes Indians proud and brings the country to a standstill and how he has ruled the hearts of millions. How an entire nation breaks into an applause everytime the little master dances down the track to hit a six. Or how everytime a billion hearts stop beating when he is on 99. Or how everyone, young and old, forget to breathe when Sachin is on song. Or how, all of a sudden, every person in Bombay seems to be in a great mood..! Or smile when people say, ‘Commit all your crimes when Sachin is batting, because even God is busy watching!’ Today, Sachin, did all of that once again.

            sachin 200

Although I have so much to write about this breathtaking display of batting, I have run out of words! It’s impossible to try and explain Sachin in words..

Take a bow, Master..!! :)

5 Grumblings:

Andrews Chinnamallela said...

Bow down to the master...

Sikander Fayyaz Khan said...

Its amazing what he is capable of doing at this age. Really The Master.

ayyo.... said...

Yeah.. true..!!

True.. it amazes me more now.. did you see the IPL match Mumbai Indians vs Delhi Daredevils?

ketki said...

Bgs the country to a "standstill"???? :O :O

ayyo.... said...

Yes, he does. :)