Sunday, August 1, 2010

My looniest essay ever..!!

I was asked to write anything that started or ended with ‘One dark, stormy night..’ It was one of those times when you can really write stupid essays and still stand by your taradiddles. So reader, I warn you.. it is NOT a nice, wise post.. :D :P


Gotham City was being battered by rains that night. It was one of those nights which would’ve otherwise scared the whole of Gotham City but not now. Most of the criminals of Gotham City were safely behind bars. Still, an entire city was asleep and it’s protectors were held back by the forces of nature. This made Gotham City vulnerable to attacks by dark, nefarious elements. 
From his customary spot at the top of a building, The Batman kept a lonely vigil. He knew the criminals would be wary of his presence tonight and they might just let the storm pass. He let his thoughts drift...
Lately, all his thoughts or all his drifted thoughts revolved around only one person – The Catwoman. He was unable to get her off his mind. He recalled the day they met for the first time. He had relived the moment a thousand times but the memory still excited him. He then recalled their first date –at KFC. How the Catwoman had emptied bucket after bucket of chicken! He smiled. He had only $2.25 with him and The Catwoman would have to foot the bill in the end.


And so it happened. The Catwoman had to pay for the chicken and later they went for a walk in the nearby park. Halfway down the garden path, they stopped. And then they kissed. It was the wildest sensation he had ever experienced.

‘It’s a dark, stormy night.’ He said.

‘No, you clumsy fool! It’s 3 in the afternoon.’ The Catwoman replied. ‘Your hood has fallen over your eyes.’

‘Duh..’ He said,‘But I thought I heard thunder.’

‘No dearie, it wasn’t thunder. It’s just the chicken that I had.’

And the gaseous thunder rolled in again.

The Batman smiled at the nostalgia and resumed his vigil. The rain had stopped a long time back. Even the sun was ready to shine.

‘So much for his lonely vigil!’ Said The Catwoman to herself. ‘Falls asleep on top of a building every night. How I wish he could stop fantasizing about that dark, stormy night!’

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ketki said...


ayyo.... said...

thoughtful ... :P

Meera's World said...

:)good job:)

Sikander Fayyaz Khan said...

Why do I get the feeling that this batman is you?

The Ancient Mariner said...

what the hell happened to wayne industries? batman had only 2 $ in his pocket!!

ayyo.... said...


Yeah, he is poor.. so he must be me! :P

Recession hurt Wayne Industries really badly!! ;)

The Sleeping Dragon said...

fabulous story! How did batman become so poor? :)