Monday, September 22, 2008

20th September, 2008. Isb, Pakistan

A truck laden with explosives rammed into JW Marriot in Islamabad on the 20th September and what happened after that is too well known.

This is a war where no one would emerge victorious. Only victims would arise from the blast. These victims would then plot to create more victims and so on. The faces would change but everything else would remain the same.

I always thought that these things are a part of life and victims, though unfortunate, are a part of the whole process. My sympathies were with the victims though, but I always felt that this was their destiny.

This was the first time I knew someone who was affected. And I did not have the courage to call him up or to offer my sympathies. I knew whatever I'd say would be hollow and that I can, at best, be of no help.

After all, aren't we all useless, helpless, frustrated souls waiting for our turn..

4 Grumblings:

The Ancient Mariner said...

helpless clueless yes.but frustrated?no. There has to be a better tomorrow.

ayyo.... said...


Frustrated, at my own helplessness! My inability .. but yes, there has to be a better tomorrow :)

I hope!

Amol said...

reminds me of the movie "A Wednesday" in which a common man, troubled by the terrorists and the problems of todays worlds, tries to get his part of justice.

ayyo.... said...

But that is not the solution, is it? And the fact that we are being bombed every weekend doesn't make me comfortable as well.