Sunday, September 28, 2008

A heartbeat – A universe of possibilities…

It was 8.30 AM Sunday, I was returning home from a class. I was in deep thought, took the longer route home on an impulse. I was walking along the road,thinking.  Somewhere in the middle of the road, I stopped. I was so engrossed that I was actually unaware I stopped in the middle of the road. The man behind me shoved me and  moved ahead briskly. (Ah! It’s common in Bombay even on Sunday mornings!)

I was roughly pushed back into real the world. I looked ahead. A man carrying a small child was walking towards a roadside vendor selling sunglasses. Walking behind him were his wife and son. The Man was so happy at the prospect of buying his son a pair of sunglasses that his eyes were gleaming with a child like enthusiasm. I was watching them from the other side of the road. They were a not to well-to-do family, but were clearly enjoying trying out funky sunglasses, father and son trying the same pair, while the wife was watching them proudly. The father selected one, and evidently it was too highly priced. After some haggling, the father put that pair down and tried to go for something cheaper. After 10 minutes, the family dropped the idea and moved ahead. The kid was dragging his footsteps and while the father was looking around hopefully to buy him something else.

I could not help smiling. I moved ahead towards the bus stop.A woman and her daughter were passing by. The little girl slipped, and fell down. The girl was not hurt but it was the mother’s concern that again touched me. She was so worried about her daughter, fussing over her, dusting off imaginary specks of dust from her daughter’s clothes. All the time, the little girl and her mother were smiling broadly. I was smiling broadly now for such a nice morning.

I was in the bus now. Sunday morning, the bus was expectedly empty. The bus conductor came and I gave him Rs. 7 for the bus ticket.

“Arre bala, aajun 1 rupaye de. Paishe vaadle.” The conductor said. Please give one more rupee, the fare has been hiked. 

I was in a quandary. I had tendered exact change, and a  500 Rupee note was the only currency I had apart from those 7 rupees. The conductor had already printed the ticket.

Ekach note aahe, Paachshe chi!” I said. I have only a 500 Rupee note.

“Raahu de! Paachshe chi sutte nahi majha kade!” The conductor said. Leave it! I don’t have that much change anyway.

I was sheepish. It was only one rupee, but the conductor would be paying that from his pocket . It was only a rupee, but I was touched nonetheless.

A nice beginning to the day. Better things followed soon after. :D

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Punit Arekar said...

Tula Marathi chi shikavni dyavi lagel... Changla prayatna hota pan thodya chuka ajun ahet :P

Akash said...

It is sometimes surprising to see how protective and caring we are of the people we love. I could completely relate to the first two events!
And it seems like if you find time, sit back and look at the world, you see wonderful things! A nice morning indeed! :)

ketki said...

thats a nice attempt at marathi!
i really admired ur minute observations of the people around
Hats off to u!

ketki said...

I would also have loved to read about the good things that followed on sunday....
was it the mamagerial accounts exam?

ayyo.... said...


Aye, Aye sir! :D

ayyo.... said...

It was a plethora of emotions I faced when I witnessed those events. The enthu on the mans face.. the care that the woman showed.. but was simply unable to pen them..
And yes, life is beautiful! :)

ayyo.... said...

Gee, Thanks!
I am pretty fluent in Marathi and this is my 3rd or 4th attempt at Marathi. :P
The better things that happened are the kind I would rather explain in person! :D

sidharth said...

@better things happening..
Ladki ka naam kya hai?? :P

ayyo.... said...

Wow... you're soo clever!!! :P

meerasworld said...

my husband used to say when he was little,he would use the money for tickets to buy candies and end up with no money sometimes,or less money.the conductors always let him get away with a warning:).
what a nice beautiful morning u had.u also savd one rupee;)

ayyo.... said...

Hahahah!! Wow, Meera I did not notice that!! I also saved a rupee..! :D :D