Thursday, October 9, 2008

Come Tomorrow…

As I was crossing the road this evening, a local train passed by. Almost all the windows of the train were decorated with garlands including the EMU, the train’s front. Office goers (read passengers) were noisily singing songs praising the Lord. No, the railways doesn't celebrate Dasshera it is an initiative taken by the regular commuters of Mumbai's Local trains.

Come tomorrow, scores of colourful, gigantic effigies of Ravana would dot the city. Lakhs of people across the country would gather to watch the effigies of Ravana being burnt. This year’s festive season has been somewhat subdued due to the prelude of terror and death in the country. Many times through the course of the year, terrorism has raised it’s ugly head in different parts of the country.

The Eid celebrations in Malegaon were marred by blasts again. As I write this, some mother, somewhere is still trying to get into terms with life, struggling to accept the fact that her son is no more. A youngster somewhere is yet to accept that a terror attack has crippled him for life. And so on and so forth…

Tomorrow, when millions across India, celebrate Dasshera and burn the effigies of Ravana, let it not remain a Hindu festival. Let’s come together as one nation, rather as Humans, for our neighbours are affected as well, let’s come and celebrate the victory of good over evil.


For once..let’s try and heal wounds..

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Usman said...

Is there any way to hug somebody online?:|

ayyo.... said...

@ Usman

Check my previous post. I hugged my buddy Akash online. :)

*A bigg hug to you too* :)

ketki said...

nice one
liked it
try to write more often plz!

Sikander F Khan said...

Three words, "Ahinsa Paramo Dharma"

Do I need say more?

ayyo.... said...

Gee, thanks!! I will. I will. :D

@ Siku
Naah, you need not! :)