Tuesday, October 7, 2008

It happens only in India….

For once, the newspapers didn’t depress me!

A special Darbhanga bound train heading for Lucknow was in the news when the driver took the wrong route and landed at Allahabad! I couldn’t believe it and re-read the news. A whole train taking the wrong route was simply bizarre. Apparently, the driver took the wrong route and was blissfully unaware of the error. It was supposed to reach Lucknow by 9.00 AM and around 9.15 AM, confused passengers raised an alarm and informed the railway authorities of the gaffe. It must’ve been a really scary experience!

Scores of Lucknow bound passengers were inconvenienced. The train reached Lucknow a good 5-6 hours late.

I was smiling and laughing to myself.

                                          *  *  *

A Ramlila was organised across the road from my house.The only difference was that it was in the traditional South Indian style. It was in Kannada and I barely understood it dialogues. But it had that typical South Indian extravagance. The audience was a curious mix of Kannadigas and Non-Southies. Most were subjected to this fare for the first time, and they were enjoying it, albeit not understanding a word of it. The performers didn’t disappoint either. The stage was too small for them to showcase their talent as they would have liked to, but they didn’t let it show.

The Ravana, was simply magnificent. With no mikes, he had to shout the dialogues, but that only made him look all the more menacing.Yet, again I saw the villain walking away with the honours. His performance was simply awe inspiring and I was already imagining him on the silver screen. The sheer abundance of talent in India never ceases to amaze me. I was enchanted, to say the least.

Do I need to mention that I was also enthralled by our varied culture today?


For the uninitiated, the guy in black is the Ravana.

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ketki said...

what surprises me is that even during exams u get time to update the blog!

... and i get time to read it! :D

ayyo.... said...

I am flattered and worried at the same time.. :D

but thanks for remembering to drop in though!

ketki said...

why should u be worried?
the readership of ur blog is increasing anyways...

we, readers should be worried infact
you write so well that keep reading ur blog time and again
(even during the exams!)

ayyo.... said...

Haha! Yes, you can say that! But now that we are free, I'll look forward to read something from you as well.

I am tired of re-reading your posts again and again..!

Sikander F Khan said...

Thats so scary, the train incident. What if there was another train on the same track coming from opposite side?

ayyo.... said...

@ Sikander
It was scary, and since nothing happened .. it was something of a funny read!! Bizzarre actually! :D