Wednesday, January 28, 2009

From the Penseive ...

This is an Excerpt from  my Diary:

September 16th 2008

‘Was in the cab this morning. Me and Nasim were discussing the mediocrities of the day, cribbing about work, the management, love, life etc. The driver asked if we’d like to listen to some music. I nodded.

He had a pretty decent collection. We stopped cribbing and were listening to the music. Music does that to you. Browsing through his collection, I suddenly heard ‘Billie Jean’ . I asked Nasim to stop flipping through the songs and let the single play.

            This was MJ’s best single ever. I loved the song as a kid and as a young boy. Those days of idolising Michael Jackson flashed before my eyes. I remember listening and loving every MJ track.  I listened to Remember the time, Blood on the dance floor, The way you make me feel. There was a thin, nostalgic smile on my face.        

I wanted to listen to ‘Who is it?’ and ‘Smooth Criminal’ and was browsing furiously when the driver interrupted and said, “Sir , let the next one play. It’s ‘Black or White’ I love that song.” Immediately,  MJ’s trademark music filled the atmosphere. I was enjoying the music thoroughly.

I was home.’

4 Grumblings:

Akash said...

"Naseem and I" :P :)
And I wasn't a teen/youngster in the MJ age. So somehow couldn't relate to the post at all! And as you know, I couldn't even understand English well then - forget listening to English songs!
But I can relate to the feeling of nostalgia listening to songs you would have heard in your childhood. Never knew MJ was your fav back then. :)

ayyo.... said...

Yeah, Nasim and I !! I'm trying.. :D

I too, wasn't a teen/youngster in the MJ age. (In case you're making any calculations! :D )
I listened to only MJ back then. (As a Kid, I was a good dancer.) And as far as understanding english goes, it was the same case here :P
Yeah, MJ was my favorite then.. I still like him though. :)

Sikander Fayyaz Khan said...

I can relate to the post even more than the writer I assume, since I'm a few years older and probably was an MJ fan before him. ;)

You know I even had a Thriller VHS :p And a Noon Walker too... ;)

Out of all his songs that I love, 'Will you be there' has been closest to my heart. And no, I was never a good dances.

Oh and say hello to Naseem. :)

ayyo.... said...

Yeah, you would've been an MJ fan before me. I loved the 'Thriller' video. My favorite MJ number would be .. not one though... "Billie Jean, The way you make me feel, Dangerous.."
Yeah , I will.