Tuesday, January 13, 2009

MTNL hai... toh sahi hai!!!

“Hahahaha! Magh, sandhyakali parat bhetuya na? Aaj fakta network shikavla.” So,lets meet again this evening. They taught only networks today.

                I was on the other end of the phone, gritting my teeth, listening to this endless conversation. I was on the phone with the MTNL broadband customer service. I was unable to connect to the internet since three days and was expecting someone to help me out. So here I was, on the other end of the phone, like an idiot listening to two women blabbering about everything except work.

“Hello? Madam??” I was very irritated by now. It went unheeded as it did four times before.


She spoke into the receiver, “Haan haan, aapka number do phirse.” Give your number again, please.

I could visualise what was happening at the other end. She was still gossiping with her colleague, not listening to what I was saying and feeding my number into some  outdated FoxPro system.

“Complaint number 2704!” She said.

“I already have a complaint number. I have called to ask why hasn’t anybody turned up yet!” I cried indignantly.


“I was promised someone would come to rectify my problem.” I said.

I had spent a good couple of hours in trying to rectify the problem myself before concluding that the problem was with the telephone line.

“It’s 4.00 PM. The technician would come tomorrow.” She replied flatly, as if I was late for a show or something.

I protested. “You guys told me that someone would come to resolve the issue.”

“Look, it wasn’t me who answered your call yesterday. And the technician would only come tomorrow. Do you want the complaint number now?” She asked.

“Haan haan! Deejiye madam!” Yes, please.

I tried to be a bit sarcastic. Only a little bit, lest I offend the fat lady at the other end.


She hung up on me before I could do it to her.

So, there I was. Ignored, Humiliated and Furious. So much for being an MTNL loyalist.

4 Grumblings:

Sikander Fayyaz Khan said...

This is what PTCL (Pakistan Telecommunication Corporation Limited) used to be like before it's privatization.

Anyways, I'd share a similar incident too. On 21st of December my broadband suddenly stopped working. I called the service provider helpline and was assured that problem would be solved asap and time frame could not be given since it was not yet know what was the issue. Next day, nothing happened. Day after, still no blinking lights on modem. I called again, answer I got was that PTCL's phone line wasn't working. But that wasn't my duty to get it fixed. Anyways, cutting it short, for eight days it did not get fixed despite my 11 complaints.

On ninth day's morning I sent them a leagal notice of 120k. 50k for mental disturbance and agony, 50 for disruption in work and 20k was my attorney's fee.

It was fixed by the evening. They have been served the second notice yesterday. There's a hearing on 21st. They've been begging me to drop the case.

I've been offered free internet for 6months. ;-)

ayyo.... said...

I wonder if someone can do that to MTNL (Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd) What you did is something I dream to do.. but I don't thnik that the MTNL ask me to drop the case, leave alone 6 months of free internet.
But on a serious note though, what you did is remarkable and It seems to be a win-win situation for you... :D

Sikander Fayyaz Khan said...

Well I wasn't aware that Pakistan not only had consumer protection laws, but dedicated consumer courts as well- and the day I was made aware, I resolved to make use of them. Now we, my family, save all the receipts for whatever we buy- small or big- just in case if we need them. And turns out, businesses are actually afraid of going into litigation with consumers.

ayyo.... said...

We too have Consumer protection Laws and Consumer Courts.. but what we dont seem to have is a Sikander who can take on the MTNL and similar bullies..!