Saturday, February 21, 2009

Pakistani Music and Shivaji...

Last night, I was scourging the internet for some songs that I have been too lazy to download.

It was Strings’ “Najaanay Kyun’ and Atif Aslam’s ‘O re piya’ that I wanted to download. Yeah, it’s only two songs but I can get real lazy sometimes!

I ended up downloading a whole lot of songs from a website recommended by a friend. It was an awesome experience, playing songs softly at 2.00 AM. I was also looking for Atif Aslam’s ‘Kuch is Tarah’.

I never loved Pakistani songs more. “Sajni’ by Jal, ‘Laree Chootee’ by Call were so amazing. A special mention for Atif’s “Meri Kahani'”. I could relate with the song instantly. Sometimes, music transports you to another world. Sometimes, you get a high when you listen to certain songs. ‘Meri Kahani’ was one of them. ‘Chup Chup’ by Jal is another song that induces the same feeling. And as I am writing this, ‘Arziyan’ from Delhi-6 is playing. Ohh! I love this song...

I wonder when we’ll stop fighting...


I was wandering aimlessly with my friends this morning. I was in the backseat, lazing. I saw a motorbike overtake us. A pretty young guy was riding it. What intrigued me was the message he had on his number plate. I asked my friend to get a little closer. The message on his number plate said “Lashkar –e- Shivba.”

                  If translated literally, it means “Shivaji’s Army” but it was not written in that context. In an apparent reference to a terrorist group by a similar name and in a bid to show where his loyalty lay, he ended up defaming one of the most towering icons of India. While the Great Warrior had assembled a rag-tag army to take on the might of the Mughals back then, this modern day Lashkar uses mighty bombs for rag-tag civilians.

We’ve played our part too. We managed to reduce the Great Warrior to ‘A Hindu King in Islamic India’ or a ‘Maratha Warrior’ courtesy petty politics.

4 Grumblings:

Sikander Fayyaz Khan said...

I'm thinking of making you a mix cd of Pakistan's best songs (or my favorites I should say) in recent times and will send it to you.

Things seems to have settled down now, I guess I should send it on my next trip to Lhr.

ketki said...

all thsongs tht u mentoned are my favorites and are a part of my collection

ayyo.... said...

Sure, sure. I too, think that things are not as bad as they were and maybe you can as well send some...!
Though confirm it with some people around... :P

ayyo.... said...

Aha! Is that so?? Toh tell me which one you like more?
Meri Kahani (Atif Aslam) or Chup Chup (Jal)