Thursday, February 26, 2009

Blogger Be Aware..!

Aha!!! Totalitarianism has arrived, finally!! Yesterday, the Supreme Court, in a landmark judgment, said that ‘Blogging is not a private domain and that Bloggers will have to face libel and even prosecution for the views expressed online.’

‘It is going to change the ground rules for blogging in India.’ Said The Times of India.

It is a major blow for the champions for ‘Freedom of Expression’ as the ground beneath their feet is rapidly shrinking. Blogging was perhaps the last bastion for these champions and I, for one, never thought that this would happen in India. I was pretty proud of our Judicial system.

Alas! It has happened and ‘Freedom of Expression’ is only a sham now. A blogger can still express his uninhibited views upon almost everything, but will have to face the music later. I have exercised my ‘Freedom of Expression’ fairly in the past, but now I wonder if I should clean up my blog so as to not ‘Hurt’ Public sentiments. 

                  So reader, say goodbye to those hard hitting blogs, those caustic comments and those heated debates. From now on, let’s act dumb and pretend not to know anything.

And I’ll get back to cleaning up my blog...

Heil Hitler!!!

2 Grumblings:

The Ancient Mariner said...

that's an attack on freedom of speech, in india after talking so much about democracy, these are the fundamental rights we still miss. to say, to criticise or to voice our opinions. and supreme court is playing the moral police now! buggers!

ayyo.... said...

Yeah, the Supreme Court was perhaps the only institution that was not playing the Moral Police and it has joined the bandwagon too..!
Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Expression is just a sham now..!