Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Munnabhai M.P. ?? No ‘Luck now’ this time..!













Not wanting to set a precedent, the Supreme Court ruled that convicted Actor Sanjay Dutt cannot contest the upcoming polls. Everywhere I see people referring him to as ‘Actor – Politician’. Hell no, he is a convicted actor!!

          The decision of the Supreme Court almost restored my faith in the Judiciary. I, for one, was very happy when Sanjay Dutt was acquitted under the TADA act. But he was convicted under the Arms Act, and as a convicted individual, he could not contest elections. He did paint a very sorry picture during the trial and the whole nation rooted for him, but he seems to have taken the affection in the wrong sense. Mr. Dutt, we didn’t want you to be jailed because we wanted to see you act in films, not to see you try and rule us.

     Criminalisation of politics is the bane of the Indian political system. This is a landmark judgement and I hope it sets a precedent towards de-criminalisation of politics. In all probability, now Manyata will get the ticket from Lucknow and she will contest in his place. Knowing India and our people, she might very easily win as well.  Still, the judgement sets out a strong message to all aspiring candidates with criminal records that they cannot contest with the same impunity as they did before.

However, what is of prime importance for me is that Sanjay Dutt, as a convicted person, was not allowed to contest.

Kudos everyone!!

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Tausif Shaikh said...

Great bro ..but i thnk you might upset all Sanjay dutt fans all over the world ...its good that u divertion ur attention from RD!!! to DUTT!!!

ayyo.... said...

RD is anytime the center of our attention, bhai...! :D :D
But I don't think that even Sanjay Dutt fans are keen to have him as their MP. A poll conducted in the Times of India said that 84% of people felt that Sanjay Dutt should not be allowed to contest elections..!