Sunday, August 10, 2008

:D :D

I feel like an 18 year old. The events that transpired over the weekend have made me so happy that I almost feel that people are staring at me enviously for the glow in my face. I am smiling back and winking at everyone.

I am rummaging through my music collection and I realize that all my favourite songs are sad songs. Funny creatures we are, I thought. We crave happiness , we pursue happiness but always love the saddest of songs.

I am playing "Hawa Hawa" a Pakistani song that best describes my mood. It's video can possibly seek an entry into the worst videos of the century. But there's more to the song, the youthful exuberance of the singer's voice is very contagious. I am grinning widely at this silly song and am aware of the fellow passengers in the bus looking at me quizzically.

"It's indecent to be this happy." I think and I almost feel guilty for the happiness within. The number has finished and I am searching for another song that'll reflect my mood.

End of the day. I am going back home. It's raining heavily and it's a short walk from the college to the Bus Stand. Walking by the side of the road, I allow the rain drops to fall on my face. There is a spring in my stride. For the first time in years, I am enjoying the nature , the rainfall. I know that this is the moment I am living for myself. I am listening to another very cheerful song where the protagonist is celebrating love. I'm takes all I have to prevent me from dancing.

The bus is almost empty. I open the window and am enjoying the rain. "Hawa Hawa" is the number that is playing again. I can feel the wind whispering in my ears between the songs.

Aah!! I understand..this is bliss!! :D :D

6 Grumblings:

kunwar said...

may i know the reason for your happiness?

ayyo.... said...

@ Kunwar
Thats Classified information. :)

Akash said...

V nicely written!
I allow the rain drops to fall on my face. ^_^
Who did you meet -- your eternal love or something?

ayyo.... said...

Yeah, in fact.. my eternal love had come to meet was a surprise visit! :P

meerasworld said...

hmm i was sure it was not just the rain that made u this happy;)

ayyo.... said...

Yeah, it was not only the the rain that made me this happy. However the rain did compliment my mood..! :)