Sunday, August 17, 2008

Mile Sur mera tumhaara...

I always loved this song. Though the entire song is only the same line repeated in different languages, it has something in it that even the best of Hindustani music or all classical music can't offer. This song is reminiscent of a time when there was Doordarshan and  such songs used to be featured everyday. I was very small then but I so vividly remember this song alongwith some other gems like "Ek Anek", "Baje Sargam" etc.

Among "Baje Sargam" and "Mile Sur' , it's very difficult for me to pick up one favourite. If "Mile Sur" was music with almost all the Indian Stalwarts coming together, "Baje Sargam" is a treat to the eyes. It showcases the various forms of dance across India. The song starts with a tabla intro featuring  Ustad Zakir Hussain - his hairstyle and his enchanting smile always made me sit glued to the TV as kid.

These songs were used to promoted to instil a sense of pride and oneness among us. And they did acquire cult status among the masses.

These two songs celebrate the spirit of India in a way that hasn't been done yet. It never ceases to amaze me and in the end, I am too overcome with emotion.

I hated Doordarshan then, but in times like there, I really miss these songs with such messages.         

2 Grumblings:

kunwar said...

althought i have never heard these songs...
i have always liked the instrumental version of jana gana mana and vande mataram... :d they bring out the patriotic kunwar which is almost always hidden :D

ayyo.... said...

If you haven't heard these songs, then go ahead and see them. It makes you feel so proud of your rich culture... :)