Monday, August 11, 2008

Me and my Big mouth!!

I was at a queue again. This was for the ATM. It may sound quite boring too, but the song that I was listening to was "Hawa Hawa". I was smiling broadly and the pleasant drizzle was complimenting my cheerful mood.

The queue was not long but still an impatient man jumped the queue went ahead of us. The man behind me, well in his sixties, objected and asked him to join the queue. I was humming "Hawa Hawa" nonchalantly.

The man said, "Sir, I have to leave for Chennai urgently. Please understand."

The old man behind me was a Chennaite. He said , "Son, it's 4.30 PM and the next train for Chennai is at 7.30 PM. Whom are you trying to fool here?"

The old man looked at me for support and said ," I know! The train for Chennai is at 7.30 PM. He is lying. Are we fools to stand in the rain while he jumps the queue with such impunity?"

It was very evident that the man was lying to jump the queue. Yet I  said ," Sir let it be so. Who knows he might be in some emergency. This is the least we can do."

The old man looked at me with disbelief for having supported the man breaking the queue. He grumbled something about the lawlessness and indecency of people and finding no support, went quiet. A couple of minutes later, the man who had jumped the queue emerged from the cabin. He seemed a bit disappointed. He came out, stood lazily at the door of the ATM and said to his friend, "The cheque has not been cleared yet."

Needless to say, the old gentleman was seething!!

4 Grumblings:

kunwar said...

hehehehe nice, actually such small things remind atleast me of supernatural existence...

these cant be mre co-incidence :P

ayyo.... said...

I dunno, but I was very embarrassed and all I did was to offer the old man a sheepish smile. :D

meerasworld said...

hmm ya its boring if u say hawa hawa one more time;)

i HATE,double HATE,when ppl do this and i try my best every single time to stop it if it happens to me,and it happens every year at the airport.:(

ayyo.... said...

Heheh!! I was obsessed with the song back then. :D

This is so uncivilised and I hate it. Back then, I was in such a blissful mood that NOBODY could change it..! :)