Saturday, May 9, 2009

Barber Beckoning..! :D :D

             So,finally I landed upon a job and the ball has started rolling. Not that this was a company I was dying to work with, but I was more excited about doing something productive after eons of sitting idle.

It was my first day at office and I went straight towards the vending machine. I’m addicted to coffee, you see. There were my fellow trainees (Or fellow addicts, I should say) who were ranting about recession forcing them out of jobs. I guess it’s become a trend to stand at the hang-in with a coffee mug in hand and offer intelligent opinions about the global slowdown.

                     I walked up to a guy who was standing alone and mouthed a polite hello. He was also from Wipro and that was all the more reason for the pleasantries.

“Why don’t you trim your hair, dost? It looks so shabby.” That was a polite reply to my polite hello. To be fair to him, he was genuinely offering an opinion.

I know it looks really awful. But I was stunned for a minute. A visit to the barber is long overdue and I have been really lazy. When I look at myself in the mirror, I see my reflection grimacing back at me. It might sound obnoxious but I haven’t had a haircut in 2009 yet. I guess I’ll take cue from the Wiproite and not procrastinate things. I have made a decision..! I am visiting ‘Billoo Barber’ on Saturday!!

As for that particular moment, I tried to save face by diverting the topic, “So, which Process were you part of in Wipro?”

“I was in Singapore Airlines.” He replied.

“Really?” I asked, encouraged. “I was in Microsoft.”

“Oh! That’s good.” He said. “Chalo, I have to leave. But friend, do remember the haircut. It is really shabby.”

                        Needless to say, I was red-faced. Not for the haircut reminder, but for the fact that the guy didn’t even know my name!!

10 Grumblings:

Sikander Fayyaz Khan said...

First things first... post a before and after picture of yours... may be in this very post.... :P

And stay away from that guy, today it's hair, tomorrow it might be your shoes, nails, deodorant.. so on and so forth.. ;)

Akash said...

No wonder it was tough to crack interviews. X_x

First rule: Take care of yourself well before interviews! I had to cut my 6-7 month long hair coz of interviews! Sucked, but had worked. :)

PS: I got a haircut day-before-yesterday too. (First time in 2009!) :P :D

ayyo.... said...

Good idea..
Hehe!! I would rather prefer being with him. He'll iron out all the flaws in me..! :D :D

ayyo.... said...

Hahaha..! Maybe you're right..! :D :D

I know I should have done that. I really looked like a cave man..! Not that I was very fond of my hairstyle. I was simply lazy. :P :D

Really?? Why did you? I was not serious when I said that you need a haircut..! It looked pretty nice baba..! :D :D
BTW, your first too? I though I was the only bum of 2009...! :D :D

nicol said...

please let me know who dt person wz.. i wil b waitin 2 c dt pleasnt person... who seems so acomplished @ 1st tim convrsations! hehehehe...

ayyo.... said...

Haha..! I'd let you know that in person. He certainly is an accomplished person not only in 1st time conversations but many other things as well.
If not for him, I'd still look like a cave man...! :D :D

kunwar said...

haan siku bhai ka suggestion sahi hai

ayyo.... said...

No re. For once, I'll disagree with Siku..!

meerasworld said...

some people can be so rude! that too on the first meeting! make sure u score a point when u see him next;).

ayyo.... said...

Yeah, I was very embarrassed. But at least I got a haircut and I'm looking much more human now. Besides, that chap smiled very brightly when he saw me on Monday with a haircut..! :D