Wednesday, May 6, 2009


“Yeh kya hai?” I asked, assuming my most childlike tone. What is this?

“Yeh.., Butta-fly..!” Exclaimed my 3 yr old niece excitedly.

It was one of those sample videos that you have in Windows Vista which we were watching. It was the video of a butterfly on a flower. I have never seen the video earlier. But, here I was, playing the video again and again amidst the peals of laughter and excited shrieks of my niece.

My mind wandered, she must have learnt about butterflies from textbooks and television but had she seen any in real life? Then, I thought  when was the last time I saw a butterfly?

               And if she could ever chase butterflies as we did when were kids..!  :(


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Sikander Fayyaz Khan said...

That is exactly what my daughter call them as well, excluding one 'L' from fly... Butta Fy... and thankfully she has seen plenty already and chased a few as well.. :p

ayyo.... said...

Heheh!! Kids pronunciation is fun..! But really, I can't recall when was the last time I saw a butterfly..! :(

Akash said...

:) I used to see loads in Goa/Lucknow. Specially Goa! That's one of the reasons I don't like Mumbai! :P (Another reason! :P)

They aren't so common in Cambridge. Though I saw them 2 weeks back; 10-12 of them hovering together, but not the b'ful ones like in India.


meera said...

hmm why dont you take her to where you were when you were a kid:),so that she will get a chance to chase butterflies too! i liked catching the small dragonflies(thumbi)?but if it tries to sit on my fingers,with that scratchy hands,i used to shriek.but neverthless,its wonderful.

ayyo.... said...

Yeah man! Butterflies are almost non-existent in Bombay! :(
I miss them..! :(
I know how much you love them.. while writing this post, more than once, I found myself thinking about you..! :)
About Goa, I know..! Are there butterflies in Lucknow??I liked Lucknow very much..their courtly manners amused me! :) But from what I saw, Lucknow it was a concrete jungle too..!

ayyo.... said...

Arre, I used to chase butterflies/dragonflies near my house.. they've simply disappeared.. :(
It's so sad...! The Kids are deprived of perhaps the most beautiful creations of God..!

Sikander Fayyaz Khan said...

//But really, I can't recall when was the last time I saw a butterfly..!//

Butterfly park in Santosa?? :P

meerasworld said...

hmm,thats sad.concrete jungles made them fly away.huh? we are trying to make a small forest, back home :)it helps in getting birds,'buttafys' etc:)

ayyo.... said...

I did not go into the butterfly park in Sentosa. Animals in captivity don't make a great picture. I'd prefer to see two butterflies in the open than see a thousand in one small 'Butterfly Park'.

ayyo.... said...

That is a great initiative. I'm thinking on similar lines but it is much difficult here..!