Sunday, May 17, 2009

The most haunting song ... Ever!!


  I was chatting with a friend this Friday when he suddenly mentioned that he was listening to Johnny Cash’s ‘Hurt’. A mere mention of the song brings into mind the harrowing video and it’s even more haunting lyrics.

This song was not written by him, but in all means when you see the video or hear Johnny Cash’s baritone mouth the lyrics, you know that he has made the song his own.

The song becomes sadder as it progresses and the video becomes more haunting. It peaks, and the song ends. But not before leaving many of us tearful or affected at least. It is not depressing, but is haunting. It explores every aspect of his personality. From the height of fame to loneliness, from fun and frolic to patriotism and from drugs and alcohol to religion .

                  To see Johnny Cash, alone, looking back at an illustrious past, to see him in failing health, longing to be with his wife (she died a few months back) is an emotional exercise. I don’t think many songs to match up to ‘Hurt’ in terms of emotional impact.

It is a song that’ll touch every listener. And the video would cause heartache. To say that Cash died a few months after composing such a masterpiece does ensure that the ‘Man in Black’ signed out in style.

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meerasworld said...

can we get the song u are talking about in youtube?some songs are powerful,so powerful to make us cry.

meerasworld said...

i can see all the titles on the side.need to read them.right now kind of busy,will be going home in 4 days:)yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.i saw the title shantaram.couldnt get to open it.this book,my husband read and told me to read it.but when someone tells me to read a book,most of the time,i dont feel like reading it!!is the movie already out??

ayyo.... said...

I have the video put up in the post itself.

And sure do. Take your time though. Shantaram the book, is amazing. But the movie has been shelved for now. :(
Go home, rather.. come home.. Enjoy!!! :D :D

meerasworld said...

the book reviews are not opening!

ayyo.... said...

Those are not book reviews. That is the list of the books that I read recently.
I have reviewd books though. One is Shantaram - (check a post in September 2008)
And the second one, more recent is 'The Boy in Striped Pyjamas' - In March 2009 :)

meerasworld said...

OH! silly me:)thanks.