Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Interview Room

As the title suggests, this is about an interview room. Generally it so happens, that at an interview one gets to see all kinds of people wearing a multitude of expressions. I feel very content to observe them from a distance. Tired by the waiting, this group of interviewees formed a circle to share their miseries and while away time.
Like every group, this new assortment of individuals too, had those stereotypical members - A garrulous know-it-all, a wild party animal, his sidekick,  a petite bimbo and her loyal buffalo.
The Party Animal started the whining, ‘I heard this place has no good pubs or bars around. I doubt if I would survive here for more than two months.’
His sidekick nodded faithfully.
‘I heard this job required knowledge about Servers and all.’ Wailed the Bimbo. 
‘Naaah! This job is a cakewalk’ Said the Know-it-all, ‘Literally a       c-a-k-e-w-a-l-k’
‘I have done my Majors in Computer Science but I don’t even have a clue about computers.’ The Bimbo continued pitifully.
‘Bah! I have worked in this process all my life. All they might ask you is about the OSI Protocol or something about DNS.’ He replied with such pompousness that the Queen would’ve been humbled.
The Buffalo joined the party, ‘I have only worked as a receptionist in my previous company and I have no clue as to what am I doing here.’
The Bimbo in an attempt to allay the Buffalo’s fears said, ‘If I get through, you’ll get through too, savvy?’
These wise words somehow seemed to placate the Buffalo.
Then the Party animal took over. It was a colossal monologue about how his previous job was fun and how they did everything except work and yet commanded an obscene salary. The Sidekick played his part to perfection by nodding fervently at all the right time.
Throughout the monologue, the Buffalo’s eyebrows kept on rising and at one point, I feared it might hit the ceiling if he did not stop at once.
Finally it began and the interviewer called took them in one by one.
The Bimbo came out first. Her expression gave everything away.
Still, The Know-it-all asked, ‘How was it?’
She gave a pitiful smile.
He prodded further. She replied, ‘He asked me many questions which I couldn’t answer. He finally asked which OS do I have installed on my laptop. I said it is ‘Window 2007 version 8’. Then he looked at me incredulously to which I said that I have sufficient knowledge about computers but just don’t know the terminologies.’
The Know-it-all laughed cruelly and said, ‘He was so impressed by my resume that he didn’t even dare to ask me a technical question. So I cracked a joke, made him laugh and walked out.’
The Buffalo seemed so tickled by this that all the adipose tissue on her body started heaving up and down as if she were sitting on the bonnet of a moving tractor. She then added, almost apologetically, that she didn’t fare too well in her interview either.
           The Know-it-all then, true in the manner of those self-professed intellectuals, told the Buffalo that she would definitely find a job somewhere and left the sentence hanging midway as if it was upto her to figure out that some companies in the world still hired cretins.                                                                                                          The Interviewer then came out and said that out of the five, only one had cleared it. He then looked at the Bimbo meaningfully who took cue and left. The Party Animal and the Sidekick had left already. And then true to the manner of the cruel twists of fate, the Interviewer looked at the Know-it-all, who was by now grinning ear to ear, and said that he too, has been rejected on technical grounds.

Now it was his turn to look at the Buffalo incredulously. She replied coolly, ‘I am Bimbo’s classmate. I too, Majored in Computer Science!’

3 Grumblings:

werbeth S/A paraguay said...

chronicles a very clever.

Anchal said...

It was an actual description of an interview room, it was a nice piece to read but i didn't get the last part; Finally, who got the job.

ayyo.... said...

The Buffalo got it..!! Comp Science student she was! :)