Saturday, July 17, 2010

Natarang – Mesmerising, charming..


Natarang released on the 1st of January 2010 and I have been a fool to have missed it for such a long time. While I watched overrated duds like ‘Lalbaug Parel’ and ‘Mee Shivajiraje Bhosle Boltoy’ on the first day itself, I somehow missed this movie despite the fact that it starred one of my favourite actors - Atul Kulkarni.

Atul Kulkarni plays Guna, a poor labourer who barely manages to keep the food on the table for his family. He is enamoured by Tamasha     (Folk Art) much to the chagrin of his father. Tamasha was considered to be an immoral form of act in those days. When his only source of income is taken away from him,  He goads his friends into starting a theatre troupe. He assumes the responsibilities of a writer/lyricist. Soon, they realise that their Tamasha would not draw crowds unless they have a female lead. So,they scrounge into the nearby villages for a female lead and finally manage to convince a dancer. The Dancer puts forward a condition that the troupe should also have a Nachya (A Pansy character) who will provide comic relief and also will be a crowd puller. Nobody is willing to play the character fearing the consequences and due to the stigma and the social taboo attached to eunuchs.

Finally, a reluctant Guna, has to play the Nachya and he takes it up as a challenge. Then follows his struggle to gain acceptance in a society which identifies actors with the characters they portray.

             Atul Kulkarni’s transformation from the heavily built Guna to the slim and slender Nachya is astounding. It is said that he gained and lost 16kgs in 42 days for the role. But what is more noteworthy is the ease with which Atul Kulkarni switches from the rustic Guna to the graceful and elegant Nachya. He pumps the testosterone levels in the first half and then drowns everyone in oestrogen in the second. He captivates you and while you’re still gawking at his physical transformation, Atul Kulkarni moves on and mesmerises you with his acting.


Kishore Kadam is also brilliant as Guna’s manager, Pandoba. Sonali Kulkarni is also charming as the female lead. Guna’s wife, Darki has a half baked character and she complements it with an equally listless performance.

The musical score is simply outstanding especially “Atta vajile ki baara” (It’s midnight) and “Apsara Aali” (The Celestial Nymph has arrived) which make you want to get up and dance.

This is a must, must watch movie. I rate it as one of the very best of the Marathi film industry and it easily makes into my list of recommendations..!!

Take a bow, Mr. Kulkarni..!! :)

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Meera's World said...

I got 'blue umbrella'but it wasnt a dvd,i need to put it in computer to watch it which i hate:(
i dont think i can get this movie here,i guess.I heard the Kannada movie Prithvi is also a good one.

ayyo.... said...

Well, you can order a DVD for The Blue Umbrella from Moser Baer's website. As for this movie, Natarang is available online as well with English Subtitles. :)

Nics said...

Mujhe bhi dekhna hain abhi! Can totally rely on your reviews. Shall download it ASAP!
I was surprised you understood Marathi so well; but you cleared that doubt with your comment above. English sub-titles must surely have helped a great deal! :P
Well written post, Btw! Finally getting over the block, eh?

P.S: Happy? :D :P

werbeth S/A paraguay said...

I'm am still seeing the Indian production, but I have noticed that are super production, I just do not like the editing could save much time removing senas that has nothing to do with the context of the film.
I'm watching the trilogy on terrorism held in 90 years by the Tamil Mani Ratnam, Bombay is the film's middle, preceded by Roja and followed by Dil Se.
if the film presented here is as good as the indication I'll see.
and hope to see comments on these blockbuster movie world.

Meera's World said...

oh cool:)thankssss

ayyo.... said...

Watch watch..!! We can discuss the movie later then..!
As for the language.. it is very difficult.. and the subtitles are very digressing..!!

trupti said...

ayyappan.. i love ur destructive ideas regarding natrang..
in ur words-
"if i were the director of this movie then I would have shown that Atul Kulkarni gets confused.. and uska turmoil dikhaata.."
truely wicked u are.. :D hahaha :D..
sonali kulkarni kab thi movie mein? :X :O.
BTW thanks for that "doubt session" we had some 2-3 days ago.. :P

Anchal said...

heya, very nice narration of d whole muvi...reading dis i'm tempted 2 watch it as soon as posible