Monday, July 12, 2010

The Litterateur’s languor


A Writer’s Block is supposed to affect a writer. I am, at best,  a Non-Writer. I have a blog and I like to think that I am blogger. So, I surmise I have the ‘Blogger’s Block’ then because I no longer contribute to the poor creature.

I was always pretty regular with my posts in the Blogosphere. I never scrounged for ideas they just came to me. But for the last few months, I have just not been able to type anything that’s even remotely sensible. Not that it has bothered me too much, blogging was always just another hobby but somewhere deep down, I guess it matters. The bar on the right hand side which shows the number of posts per month reveals a drastic downward curve and leaves little to the imagination.

Still, I have so many ideas and they all just fail to manifest and become a post. The drafts section has about 18-19 incomplete posts with some being very stimulating to be the mind, they just don’t make it to the blog somehow.

The fact that I haven’t done anything in months that could be termed as ‘activity’ is one excuse I can offer. I haven’t stopped reading though. On the contrary, I have been reading some seriously ‘serious stuff’ off late almost as if to make up for my lack of contribution to a very relieved blogosphere.

I have been thinking of writing a mean review of some of the landmark movies that have released this year or perhaps about some book that I have read recently. Or perhaps, rant about politics or just fume over the ‘Blogger’s block!’

Or write trash, which comes naturally!! :D

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Sacoleiras S/A paraguay said...

A brilliant textual leads us to think about the culture of people accessing the internet, the fact that little comment does not make you stop thinking, because at least one person to read and enjoy, you've done something for augu.
I loved the textual and would Contier reading

Sikander Fayyaz Khan said...

You have no idea what I'm going through. You just have a 'bloggers' block, and I have every kind of block that you can think off. It's so so frustrating and I don't know what to do. As far as you are concerned, your posts were always fun to read :)

ayyo.... said...

Thanks!! :)

Why are you blocked? I am planning to become more disciplined and write more often.So, don't use the past tense for my writings..!! :D :)

Sikander Fayyaz Khan said...

Kya kya bataaon yaar... Don't even ask. But best of luck to you. How about translating something by Ghalib for starters?

Meera's World said...

No matter what you write its good to see u with a new post always:)Trash or serious or movie/book review:).
The mental state is understandable,its hard to come out of that state!

ayyo.... said...

That would be wonderful..!! Some Ghalibs and Faiz nazms would be wonderful..!

Thanks....!! I'll try harder now..! :)