Sunday, June 21, 2009

Finally... :D :D

                  The sun was beating hard on the back of my neck. I was on my way back from class. The walk from my college to the bus stop is a long one and this is where I try to exercise the grey matter between my ears.

                    I was in one of such reveries when I realised that the sun was no longer beating upon me. I looked around and saw the familiar darkening of the skies. I tried smelling the air. I swear I could smell the arrival of the monsoon. The road I use is a busy road and is adorned with some really magnificent trees. When I looked around, I could see people beginning to rush, birds chirping happily, the same busy traffic and the all so familiar chaos but it all seemed so beautiful now.


                I boarded the bus and by the time I reached home, the skies had given in and it was drizzling steadily. The clap of thunder was like music to the ears and it marked the beginning of the most delayed monsoon of the decade. I was savouring the sights and the smells as the skies bellowed again. The drizzle was steadily increasing. The smell of the earth during the monsoons is mesmerising and is the greatest treat to the olfactory nerves. I stopped and I took a deep breath.

With the taste of the damp earth still lingering in my senses, I knocked the door. It was afternoon and the room was pitch dark. I realised that we got the first power cut of the monsoon as well..!

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meerasworld said...

i love to be home when it rains.iam sure even the power cut didnt take away the good feeling :).enjoy the monsoon and the powercut as well;)

meerasworld said...

a nostalgic pic!!i saw so many butterflies here and thought about ur post:)

Nics said...

Olfactory nerves!!! Please tell me you used the Thesaurus for that word....hehehehehe..

ayyo.... said...

Hehehe..! Do you enjoy the powercut?! I don't but after waiting for the monsoon for such a long time.. even the powercut that accompanied seemed welcome..! :D

And yeah, I saw the post..! It was beautiful..!

ayyo.... said...

To be honest, I did not use the Thesaurus.
BTW, "Olfactory Nerves" is a less intimidating term when compared to "Darwin's tubercle" :D :D

meerasworld said...

i enjoy the powercuts when the nearby temples/churches blasts songs sometimes!!!;)

ayyo.... said...

Hehe..! Yeah, there is a temple near my house, they manage to take noise pollution to a new level..!!

kunwar said...

Although it is raining here occasionally, but they say these are not pre monsson showers.Thank God this monsoon I am totally vella and can play as much cricket as I like :D

meerasworld said...

noise pollution!listen to what i had experienced this time.the first few nights it was hard to get sleep,due to jet lag.i heared the clok striking 12 at midnight from somewhere and then followed by a female laughing sound!i was so scared and covered up my head thinking what on earth was that!then i heared words from the bible being announced.later i learned it was from a nearby happened every single hour till 4 or 5 am i guess!now i dont hear them since i got my sleep back.pollution indeed has taken new styles!

Sikander Fayyaz Khan said...

Why do you have to have a sad ending??

Anyways, I love rain like you all, but when the rain stops, so does the breeze and sun shines at its fullest, it just become unbearable. Heat and humidity almost killed me (exaggerated of course) a couple of weeks back. I get my hair, a few that I still have on my head, all fizzy too .. :(

But still I love the rain. Monsoon is yet to start my part, probably by late July, but whenever it comes, it'd be more than welcome.

ayyo.... said...

It isn't a sad ending..! It was supposed to be amusing. Yeah, the heat and humidity kills but the rain is always welcome..! :D