Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Some cerebration...for a change


                       I’m in training so I guess I have lots of free time to use the matter between my ears. Not for practical purposes though, it’s when my trainer explains to us the intricacies of our profession do I allow my mind to wander towards more fertile areas while putting on a ‘very interested’ expression at the same time. I am an expert at this. (Considering the fact that I have been doing this successfully for three weeks without getting caught even once!) My trainer believes that I am one of the most attentive blokes in the class. So I present some products of my fecund imagination..which I churned out when I was ‘attentively’ listening to him...!


I see so much potential around me, so many bright minds.. so much of variegated talent, and I see an entire generation working jobs they don’t deserve.

Attending to rude, drunk foreigners, bending over their backs to please people they’ll never meet … wasting precious days of an already oh-so-short life . Doing this of their own volition, killing their own ambition... burying their talent in pursuit of material happiness , to fuel their vices .. or to pay the bills for their ill-advised indulgencies. A lifetime spent chasing cars, skirts and everything that you’d never need.

I don’t believe that there is a ‘higher’ purpose to our lives; that we need to ‘realise’ something in our lives or seek a greater ‘truth’ through renunciation. But we seem to have lost freedom to pursue our innermost passion.. the real thing that drives us..!

As I write this, I see a Performer who knows nothing but music and acting struggle to come up with a phrase that would ‘positively affirm’ his customer’s selection while A Poet, An Artist, A Struggling Director, A Choreographer and An Observer (Me, of course) watch expressionlessly...

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Sikander Fayyaz Khan said...

So what do you suggest they should be doing? Living ones dreams is just as much a dream itself.. isn't it?

I mean I tried, partially successfully, but then wilted and scummbed to the pressures of practical life. I still wish I can, let's see though.. I'm working towards it.

ayyo.... said...

I'm just ranting. I cannot do anything and I HATE IT!! It saddens me to see such a waste of talent. Some people can adjust to the situation, while some simply cannot.
The Performer is a misfit in the corporate world. I so wish that he be allowed to do what he wants. He looks so lost among us.Hand him a guitar or grant him an audience, he changes completely. He knows nothing else..and he is happiest when he performs. I am talking about these kind of people who are forced into 'Our way of life'. He seems so helpless trying to do things our way..!
The Poet is an intelligent bloke. He copes up up with the world. The Choreographer isn't. The Smarty is also above all this. In fact, The Smarty admitted to me today that he was working to kill time!! He is part of the other end of the spectrum.
I languish somewhere in the centre!

As for you Siku, follow your dreams! You can afford to do that! :)

kunwar said...

It's a sad truth, sometimes we dont even know what we really want.
We adapt ourselves according to the situation, instead of creating favourable situations.
We just give in to circumstances.

ayyo.... said...

Exactly, We give in to the circumstances and accept the rigours of a comfortable life without having too much of a choice really.
Not many are unaware of what they want to do in their life, it's just that we've become scared of admitting our real interest. We succumb to the worldly life, and fall into the trap of materialism, debt and sex.. and by the time we realise that we have had enough of this rat race, we are already knocking on heaven's door.!

Sikander Fayyaz Khan said...

I am, and I will. It's just that I got a bit confused with so much of responsibility, and I wasn't being able to do the either of them well, neither living my dream nor carrying out my responsibilities.

Now I'm trying to get hold of myself and trying to manage both.

But I'm no performer.

ayyo.... said...

Great. I envy you. :D
Yeah, the worst part of being a sane person is that we should know where to draw the line because 'People' expect us to know that!
Manage both, that's what I am doing..!

Yeah, you're not The Performer. He is God's special creation, the most sensitive! :)

meerasworld said...

cool post:)even i dont believe everyone has something high to achieve.but at times,i do feel a kind of emptyness.about wasting the time,doing nothing and thinking and wondering if there is a purpose to this life?

ayyo.... said...

Yeah, there are so many questions.. and so little answers..!

Nics said...

Well honestly...I'm disappointed with this post!
U missed out on 'The Critic' who also watches him with awe!!

ayyo.... said...

Hahaha..! I'm sorry..! The Smarty should have been The Critic..! That would've been more appropriate..! I know, The Critic watches him with awe..! :)
BTW, I think there is more to this post, I guess.. :D :P

Nics said...


ayyo.... said...

You're the meanest ba****d I've ever seen..!
And it's MY blog..! I can afford to be self obsessed..! :D :P

The Sleeping Dragon said...

Hey! Read your post. I'm more intrigued with the fact your mind wonders to such a "deep" topic while you have a very interested expression the whole time and not get caught. I do it most times too..only my thoughts don't get too deep! I think it's a good way to get inspiration!

I think the "higher" purpose in life is ultimately, survival. And that is regardless if the innermost passion is being pursued or working in a dead-end job just to pay the bill.

Like your profile description, btw! Now THAT's modesty ;)

ayyo.... said...

Well, it's an art. You'll learn with practice..!

Exactly, I too believe that the only higher purpose that we can serve is by living our lives to the full..! And the fact that we have so many obligations so many responsibilities and "needs" that we compromise BIG time..! :(

Yeah, modest indeed..! :D :P